Transition Tips


As the first day of school draws closer, you may begin to notice some anxiety in your child concerning returing to school.  Below are some helpful tips to make the transition easier on them so they may begin the year on a positive note.

  • Keep the days leading up to the first day of school as positive as possible.  Talk about all the fun things your child has to look forward to.
  • Plan a play date with another child from his/her new class or plan to attend open house and meet some of the other children who will be in our class.
  • Make sure your child has the necessary supplies, has visited our classroom beforehand and is well rested for the first day back.
  • Stay calm on the first day.  The less chaos in the morning, the better!
  • Encourage your child to talk about the new school year by asking questions such as “What are you excited about in second grade?”
  • Make a list of concerns and together try to find the answers.  I can help you with this one!

Remember, making smooth transitions between home and school can help children feel good about themselves and adapt to new situations.  Together, parents and school professionals share in the role of making children feel safe and secure as they move to their new educational settings.  Transitions are exciting opportunities for children to learn and grow!

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