Click Here for the lunch menu.

Breakfast is available to all students before school at 8:15 AM.  The cost for breakfast is $1.50 which, like lunch, this will be deducted from your child’s Food Services account when they buy breakfast.  Students who qualify for free or reduced lunch are also eligable for free or reduced breakfast.  

Grade 2 students have lunch before recess.  You may send in a lunch from home or your child can order a school lunch (hot, alternate, or yogurt).  Your child can also bring their lunch from home and order a milk only.  Lunch menus will be sent home every month.

Students will choose their lunch in the morning and will not be allowed to change their mind later in the day.  If your child is bringing in money for lunch, please place it in an envelope or zip lock bag and label it with their name.  Money should be put in your child’s blue homework folder so it is not missed in the morning.  You can also access the lunch menu and add money to your child’s lunch account on the Food Services page on the 
Milford Public Schools website.