Curriculum Overview

Reading/Language Arts
Our school uses Houghton Mifflin Reading for most of our reading and language arts curriculum.  This year, we will build on skills learned in first grade and learn new concepts in reading, writing, and phonics.  Your child will continue to improve with their fluency, phonemic awareness, vocabulary skills and strategies, and comprehension abilities.  We will learn to write in a variety of different ways including personal narratives, opinion pieces, non-fiction reports, and friendly letters.  We will begin to learn the basics needed for editing written work, focusing on improving content, mechanics, and spelling.  Additionally, students will begin to learn how to use the computer to type their work.

Houghton Mifflin EduPlace

This year, your child will explore a variety of different scientific concepts in many different ways.  Through their own inquiries, investigations and analyses, they will develop an understanding of the scientific process and 21st century skills they will use throughout their lives. 

Grade 2 Foss Next Generation Components: 

Insects and Plants - Unit Overview - Family Letter

Pebbles, Sand, and Silt Unit Overview - Family Letter

Solids and Liquids - Unit Overview - Family Letter

Our school uses Everyday Mathematics which builds upon the skills learned in first grade and introduces many new skills/concepts.  It provides problem solving experiences in real-life contexts while allowing for many diverse learning styles.  It promotes practice through meaningful activities and games and the content is integrated throughout the mathematics curriculum.  Everyday Mathematics provides gradual, repeated exposures ensuring that your child encounters and applies skills/concepts continuously over time, deepening their mathematical understanding. 

Grade 2 Everyday Math Overview

Grade 2 Everyday Math Do-Anytime Activities

How to Access Online Home Links

Social Studies
In Social Studies, we will cover a variety of age-appropriate topics such as understanding the roles of producers and consumers, communities, current events, geography/map skills, cultural traditions/customs, and personal safety.

Second Step Social-Emotional Program
Our class will be using the Second Step Social and Emotional Curriculum for 2nd grade.  The program will help your children learn the important skills needed to be effective learners and problem solvers.  It will also teach strategies for managing emotions and empathy.

Click Here for the Family Letter.  

Many of the lessons include a Home Link so that families can reinforce the skills outside of school.  Although completing these is optional, I would encourage you to take some time and discuss them with your children.

You are also encouraged to check out the online resources available for families.  Click Here and use the activation key SSP2 FAMI LY72 fo join.