After-School Extra Help

Beginning on September 23, I will be available to provide extra help on Monday afternoons from 2:50-3:30 PM.

Extra help sessions provided by classroom teachers are intended for students struggling to meet grade-level expectations and complete grade-level work in the areas of Math and English Language Arts.  If your child demonstrates a weakness or frustration in these areas, please consider allowing them to stay when possible as they may benefit from this time for extra practice.

Extra help sessions are also available from all school specialists (Gym, Music, and Art) and they will provide specific information about their scheduled days/times.

If your child is serviced by the Reading teachers, ELL teachers, or School Counsellor, they may also participate in their extra help sessions.  They will provide specific information about their scheduled days/times or you may contact them for information.

Please note the following school-wide policies when planning to have your child stay for extra help:

1.  Transportation is the responsibility of the parent.  A parent or other specified adult must arrive at the school by 3:30 PM to pick up your child.  Students will be brought to meet their parents outside the door by the school office/gym.

2.  A signed note must be sent in to school no later than the day prior to the scheduled extra help session (Friday of the previous week).  You must send a new note for each session your child will attend.  Phone calls or emails can not be accepted as permission.  Notes sent the day of the extra help session will not be accepted.

3.  The extra help sessions will consist of specific content determined by the teacher.  However, if you notice that your child struggles with a particular subject or concept, you are welcome to let me know and I will do my best to incorporate it into the session.

4.  If extra help needs to be cancelled for any reason, you will be contacted by the school and your child will be dismissed their regular way.