Wellness/Healthy Kids Week

This year, Wellness/Healthy Kids will will be April 8-12.  Please see the details below for each day.  Students are asked to wear the healthy color of the day and try to bring a healthy snack that matches that color.

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Mindful Monday: Wear Green - Sprinkle kindness – perform an act of kindness today, reach out to someone who you think needs a kind act or word.  Positive Affirmations 1, 2, 3 – name 1 thing you are really good at; 2 positive ways to describe yourself; and at the end of the day think about 3 good things that happened to you today.

Tech-Free Tuesday: Wear Red - pledge to shut off your devices during snacks and mealtime and engage in conversation with your family or friends. Take 30 minutes to read a book, go for a walk or PLAY BALL – opening day at Fenway!

Wakeful Wednesday: Wear Yellow - we will focus on the importance of adequate sleep – which is just as important to a child and teen’s development and well being as nutrition and physical activity. The amount and quality of sleep can affect physical health, safety, memory, behavior and learning abilities.  We challenge students and staff to go to bed 15 minutes earlier than usual and leave electronics out of the bedroom for 1 night.

reThink Your Drink Thursday: Wear Purple - students and staff will pledge to eliminate sugar sweetened drinks for 1 day and replace your soda, fruit juice or energy drink with water.

Fitness Friday: Wear Orange - our annual walkathon will take place at school.  Students and staff are encouraged to wear your sneakers and get moving!